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Holden Community Television Mission Statement

Holden Community Television is a public forum for all Holden residents and non-profit organizations. HCTV provides the training and access to telecommunications technology so that all may become active participants in electronic media. Our purpose is to ensure the ability of Holden residents to exercise their First Amendment rights through the medium of cable television and to create opportunities for mutual communication, education, artistic expression, and other non-commercial uses of video facilities on an open, uncensored and equitable basis. HCTV strives to involve the diverse population of Holden as producers and viewers, and to strengthen its efforts in the electronic communication of their varied interests, needs, concerns and identities.

HCTV11 History

Holden Community Television Channel 11 - HCTV11 was established by the contract between the Town of Holden and Charter Communications. Its primary function is to manage local access TV and promote its use. Any resident of Holden may become a member. There are no dues! The funding for HCTV11 comes from local cable subscribers. As part of the contract, HCTV11 receives 4 1/2% of the gross revenue Charter Communications realizes in Holden. These funds are used to purchase equipment for your use and to hire personnel to help volunteers in their productions.


If you are a member of some community organization, you have probably often heard, "Let's get this on cable." It often comes up when a group is planning an event or special activity. You may have seen other community events shown on channels 11 or 13 and wondered why some events are taped and others are not. Well, you're not alone. Some confusion still exists about WHAT, WHY and HOW programs are produced and WHO produces them. Programs are produced by certified volunteers. All Holden residents have the opportunity to be a volunteer and to participate in free training workshops. Those individuals may choose to organize the production of a specific program or series of programs, or they may offer their help to someone who does. Programs can be produced on any subject. Volunteers can bring to the residents of Holden information on any subject, government meetings, entertainment, local history "how-to" programs, school activities, local talent, and any other creative project. Programs are produced for a variety of reasons. Primarily, it is because the producer has a particular interest in the subject and wishes to share that interest with the community. Sometimes subjects or events are brought to a producer's attention by a community group or individual. All certified volunteers may use, free of charge, the equipment and facilities provided by and Holden Community Television, The Town of Holden, and Charter Communications. Programs can be taped simply with a camcorder, produced with a multi-camera mobile facility, or recorded in HCTV11's television studio. Equipment for post-production editing is also available.

Jay Brunetta
Public Access Director
800 Main Street Suite 8
Holden, MA 01520


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